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NM Rural Summit


For decades, our rural, frontier and tribal communities have been overlooked or forgotten.  From the Southwest to the East Coast, tribal villages and reservations in between, from the rust belt and our agricultural rich Midwest, these communities have seen debilitating job loss and opportunity, crumbling infrastructure and vast attrition. 


For the first time in New Mexico’s history, our rural communities will now have a seat at the table for the state’s first bipartisan rural summit, May 12 and 13, 2022 at the Roundhouse. 


This critical summit will bring together our rural, frontier, and tribal leaders and community champions for two days of consequential discussions on infrastructure, education, public safety, economic development, acequia and land grants, agricultural support, and natural resources.  


The New Mexico Rural Summit will help inform legislative discussions and interim work to craft legislation that finally fully understands rural needs and priorities.   

Click the link above to register for this consequential two-day summit